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Mrs. Eggroll® is part of the LICIOUS® food ambition network. We began as a simple idea to introduce Americans to Cambodian food at festivals, fairs, and public events. The idea was born as a fundraiser to support the work of the Cambodian museum in St. Paul, Minnesota and other charity projects. It was the simultaneous cancellation of the Festival of Nations, MN State Fair, and other cultural events during the CoronaVirus/Covid-19 pandemic that inspired Mrs. Eggroll® to bring them into your home today!

How Our Customers Say Licious®

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Can You Say Licious®?

Festival Of Nations

Thousands of eggrolls are eaten at the Festival of Nations every year.

Famous People Love Mrs. Eggroll Too!

Even Elvis Presley loves Mrs. Eggroll®. He made sure to stop by to offer his blessings and filled his tummy.

State Fair

From Morning to Midnight, thousands of fair goes want Mrs. Eggroll®.

Fill Your Tummy. Fill Your Heart Too!

Did you know that every egg roll you purchase helps to make a difference in someone's life?